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I have created a series of botanical images inspired by plants in my garden which is designed in a New Perennial prairie planting style. I originally take hi-res photographs, then print them out and often re-work them with pastel & charcoal before fine-tuning the designs in Photoshop. The images are finally reprinted various sizes, card mounted and framed. All of these designs are available to buy in a variety of formats by contacting me directly. Click on the thumbnails below to take a closer look.

The New Perennial naturalistic planting style has grown in influence over the last 20 years. New Perennial gardens typically feature elegant grasses and a palette of wild-looking herbaceous perennials including echinacea, eryngium, persicaria, veronicastrum, rudbeckia and aster, often planted in drifts. Many of these plants grow wild in meadow and prairie habitats; planting them together in gardens mimics natural plant ‘communities’.

New Perennial plants are often long-flowering and easy to maintain; many blossom in late summer. Spent plants are valued for their seedheads, which are left in place through the winter. Naturalistic planting can be traced back to the work of Irish garden writer William Robinson (1838-1935) and German nurseryman Karl Foerster (1874-1970). The prairie-style plantings by Wolfgang Oehme and James Van Sweden in the USA from the late 1970s were also influential. Since the mid-1990s the leading figure in this style of planting is Piet Oudolf, one of the so-called Dutch Wave of planting designers. Oudolf projects include the High Line in New York and Pensthorpe in Norfolk.

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